I offer you only products that I have extensively researched or personally use. This ensures that you get what you need with minimal hassle.

Hardware including:
Software including (most software is):
  • Office Suite (Recommended: OpenOffice)
  • Financial (Quicken, QuickBooks)
  • Online Backup (Recommended: Mozy 2GB)
  • Anti-Virus (Recommended: Avast, AVG)
  • Anti-Spyware/Anti-Malware (Recommended: Ad-Aware)
  • Webmail (Recommended: Gmail, Yahoo!)
  • Webserver (Recommended: XAMPP)
  • Web Browser (Recommended: Firefox)
  • Laptop Recovery (Recommended: Adeona)
  • Media Organizer (Recommended: MediaMonkey, SongBird)
Services including:
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