Computer infected with viruses and spyware? I can help! Often times with no loss of your data. I will recommend the right anti-virus solution for you.

Has your printer stopped working? I can help you fix it.


Want to buy a computer or perhiperal (printer, monitor, etc)? Want to upgrade you existing computer or laptop?

I can help you determine what you need and get it for the cheapest price available. I do the shopping for you!!


Confused by Microsoft Word or Quicken? Let me help you understand the basics. My software tutoring rates are lower than my hardware rates!


I can help you set up your DSL\Cable service, connect it to a home network using wired or wireless connections.


I can help you set up your state of the art high definition home audio and video system. I can also help you set up your Microsoft Xbox, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, or SlingBox.


I have knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and CSS. I can fix your website, or help you design a new one. I can help you with the steps involved in getting your website online, often for very little cost.

I can help you set up a computer to host your own website right in your home or business. Have an old computer sitting in the closet? That's perfect for a low-scale webserver. Have DSL for internet service? No problem, I can show you how to register a domain and use a Dynamic DNS service to allow your family, friends, or customers to always find your website.


I can help you work better in MS Word, Excel, and AutoCAD by writing a custom function to simplify tasks. You think it, I write it!

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